Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Session One

Tasked Lord of Fallcrest, Lord Warden Murklehay, to go to Harkenwold to search out rumors of mercenaries.
A half day away from Albridge we run into Iron Circle men/wolves attacking a home. After defeating them we talk with the woman in the house.
“Lazen Redthorn leader of Iron Circle. Stormed Harken Keep, took Barron Stockmer captive, doing various raids and sweeps through Harkenwold. Took over about a month ago. Plundering land, saying they are collecting taxes.
“Head down to Albridge and talk to Dar Gremoth, and older grey man with broard shoulders. who is leading the rebellion, broad shouldered grey man. If you ask around he will find you. Has spies all over the place. If you want to help Harkenwold is ready to rebel, they just need a spark. Raython the Druis is also a part of the rebellion but has been dealing with other issues from Redthorn seeking help from monsters to the west. She is in a small forest outside of Albridge.
“Avoid Harken Village where the Iron Circle has it’s base.”

Travel to look for druid. Find cottage in woods. Titus knocks on the door. Spry 80 year old woman with 2 apprentices (Lorell, a halfling woman; and Theren, a young human). Raython, keeper of grove. Tells she wants us to take care of monsters, Bollywogs. The Iron Circle has left the western vale to them. This would free up troops for the rebellion. Terrain is: Torshold, toad hallow, head west ten miles to Torshold.

We head to Albridge and come across Gremath Stables. We decide to drop our horse off and have a chat with the owner, and happen to see an older grey man with broad shoulders. When we mention Illyana he suggests we follow him to the stables and livery. He has been getting lots of info through his stables and has a plan. Though he is in need of more troops. He brushes aside Raython’s plan because he just wants to move forward and attack. We make a deal to defeat the bollywogs and gain the extra troops while he gets the rest of the troops ready for an attack.


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